Recruitment Automation

Is Recruitment Broken?

Avoiding Bad Hires

Every Recruitment platform focuses only on hard skills. Yet, according to a LinkedIn survey, 92% of Talent Professionals said that soft skills matter, and that 89% of bad hires typically lack the right set of soft skills.


TR Recruiter 

is the first recruitment platform that generates a friction-free SOFT SKILLS ANALYSIS by using 1.9 billion data end points, patented AI and advanced machine vision.
By generating results for each applicant in just 30 seconds, and ranking them in the order of best fit based upon their soft skills, TR Recruiter immediately identifies the best applicants to interview.

Insights into Your Interviewees

The TR Recruiter SOFT SKILLS ANALYSIS gives you a detailed psychological insight into your interviewees that allows you to predict future behaviour and performance, and how well they will develop working relationships with colleagues.   

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

While there are ways of reducing Unconscious Bias by changing process, you can't be sure you have eliminated it.  TR Recruiter ranks applicants in order of best fit. By matching soft skills to the job role regardless of ethnicity, gender or background.

Be First Off the Block

TR Recruiter ranks applicants in order of best fit for the Soft Skills in real time as they apply.  Recruiters can immediately identify the stand out candidates and waste no time in interviewing them.  By being able to react more quickly you win the race to attract the best candidates.





"Friction Free Recruitment"

TR Recruiter is remarkably easy for both recruiter and applicant to use, as you can see from this short video.
It takes 60 seconds (4 x clicks) to set up a new vacancy, and 70 seconds for the applicant to apply.




Improve the Quality of Your Future Hires

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