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TR Recruiter

Helping companies make better hiring decisions

TR Recruiter revolutionizes the recruitment process by leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide recruiters with a comprehensive soft skill match for each vacancy, while eliminating recruitment bias.

By empowering recruiters with more complete applicant data upfront, our solution enhances outcomes and reduces attrition.

TR Recruiter seamlessly integrates into existing HR/Recruit-tech IT infrastructure or can be utilized as a standalone ATS, ensuring a seamless and efficient implementation.

Applicant Insight

Empowering you with a detailed psychological insight into your applicants, before the interview stage.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Allowing you to qualify the applicants' soft skills to a job role regardless of ethnicity, gender or neuro-diversity.

Saves Time & Money

With a robust analysis , recruiters can immediately identify the stand out candidates and waste no time in progressing them.

Predict Better Outcomes

Soft skills analysis, acknowledged as the best method of predicting applicants potential and future performance by measuring communication and networking.

Adapting to Different Environments

Adding soft skills analysis allows employers to build a strong talent pool proving to integrate quicker, collaborate well and be customer focused.

Consistent & Compliant

With every assessment, we provide 1.8bn data endpoints + a matrix report of 195 psyche values that are bias-free - allowing for a rigorous audit trail.


TR Recruiter 

is the first recruitment platform that generates a friction-free SOFT SKILLS ANALYSIS by using 1.9 billion data end points, patented AI and advanced machine vision.
By generating results for each applicant in just 30 seconds, and ranking them in the order of best fit based upon their soft skills, TR Recruiter immediately identifies the best applicants to interview.

Is Recruitment Broken?

Avoiding Bad Hires

Every Recruitment platform focuses only on hard skills. Yet, according to a LinkedIn survey, 92% of Talent Professionals said that soft skills matter, and that 89% of bad hires typically lack the right set of soft skills.


Recruitment Challenges & Insights

  • talent shortage
  • competition
  • time constraints
  • screening and selection
  • diversity and inclusion
  • employer branding
  • technology and tools
  • candidate experience
  • legal compliance and adapting to new trends









"Friction Free Recruitment"

TR Recruiter is remarkably easy for both recruiter and applicant to use, as you can see from this short video.
It takes 60 seconds (4 x clicks) to set up a new vacancy, and 70 seconds for the applicant to apply.




Improve the Quality of Your Future Hires

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