The Problem

Recruitment is facing a flood of challenges.


Recruitment Challenges

  • talent shortage
  • competition
  • time constraints
  • screening and selection
  • diversity and inclusion
  • employer branding
  • technology and tools
  • candidate experience
  • legal compliance
  • adapting to changing trends

  • Any one of these deserves its own page, all of them impact upon your KPIs.

    Technology to date has not been kind to recruiters, most ATS focus upon managing and integrating the data generated during recruitment, like any database its use is in the way it can store and present data, but it does not improve the recruiter’s ability to make better selection choices. In fact with the access that job seekers have to AI (e.g. using Chat GPT to re-write CV’s), it seems like the job seeker and not the recruiter has access to the best tech.

    The problem common to all ATS is that when leveraging AI to improve analysis, they are focused upon hard skills, and for the majority of recruitment, soft skills rank as high if not higher than hard skills in determining the quality of successful applicants as well as their attrition.

    TR Recruiter is the first ATS component which analyses soft skills for each applicant in real time, and by doing so it solves the ‘Recruitment Paradox’. It is scaleable, cost effective and will integrate into your existing ATS stack.

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