Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Recruitment bias is a fact. Up until recently affirmative action was seen as a legitimate counter, but with the recent (US) Supreme Court decision reversing affirmative action in college admissions, there is little doubt that the next target will be the workplace.


While discrimination has been illegal in the UK since the Equality Act (2010), the recent Supreme Court ruling has and will open the floodgates for civil litigation, a trend that will cross the Atlantic. Employers have invested in systems, process and procedures that maintain equality in the workplace, to comply with Part 5 of the Act. .

Equality VS Equity

There is a nasty wrinkle that will bite employers. Equality is not the same as Equity. For instance, affirmative action can be used to impose an equitable solution, but under such a policy, employees are not being treated equally. It is this wrinkle which opens up a deep vulnerability for employers. The one area where all employers are deeply exposed, is recruitment.

Recruitment is difficult to police

recruitment bias is undeniable and this implies discrimination which moves the goal posts as in civil litigation the burden of proof is likely to be having to prove that recruitment bias has not taken place. Existing ATS cannot provide a bullet proof audit trail showing the elimination of recruitment bias.

Bullet Proof Solution

TR Recruiter not only provides a bullet proof audit trail showing the elimination of recruitment bias, it provides recruiters with better data on which to make their selections, it can be incorporated as a component into an existing ATS stack or used as a stand-alone. With TR Recruiter your recruitment process is both equitable and candidates are treated equally.

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